A Day in the Life of A Lower School Pupil

25th March 2019

Years 2 and 3 timetable is packed full of exciting lessons and activities throughout the week. This morning in Year 3 maths lessons they were creating their own 3D shapes. Using sticks and blue tack they created 3D squares and triangles. Afterwards, using coloured paper they made 3D paper boxes and decorated them, this activity allowed the class to visualize the 3D shapes. Down in the Year 2 corridor Miss Burke’s ICT lesson were creating stories using the ipads. Focusing on a story they had studied in English such as Julia Donaldson’s Tiddler and Highway Rat or Oliver Jeffers Lost and Found, the children drew the story and then added sound effects and movement to create a flowing video.

In the afternoon at the swimming pool Year 2 children had the opportunity to play swim, they were able to practise all the strokes throughout the year and use the various floats and balls to have free play. At the end of the day, as part of the extra-curricular activities on offer at Danes Hill, Lower School had their Gymnastics club. Recently they have been practising their basic skills such as cartwheels, rolly pollies, round off and specific jumps off the spring board. Each week they have been working towards their back hand springs and with the help of the teacher have been successful in performing this advanced move.