The Danes Hill Journey

At Danes Hill School we aim to take every child in our care on a most extraordinary journey.

“Being a naturally shy girl who joined at 3 years old barely saying a word to anyone, I am now watching a mature and confident, well-rounded, intelligent and polite 13 year old walk out the door. She was constantly challenged during her 10 years at Danes Hill but never such that she felt it was too much and it has made her who she is today.”

Children begin their Danes Hill education from the age of rising three at our Pre-prep School, which is situated on a separate, self-contained site in the heart of Oxshott village in Surrey. Under the guidance of Mrs Ruth Samson the children develop a love of learning and to take pride in everything they do. When children enjoy being at school and love learning they will make the most progress from their individual starting points.

In Year 2, pupils move just up the road to join the Junior School at the Main Prep School site. Led by Mrs Abi James children in Years 2 and 3 develop their knowledge and skills in all curriculum areas, especially focusing on advancing literacy and numeracy skills that form the foundation for all future learning. The partnership of self-esteem and confidence is nurtured through opportunities to understand their personal progression and, by giving all pupils new and exciting challenges and the opportunity to take responsibility to help develop leadership skills in various lessons, drama productions and sporting activities.

Junior children in Years 4 and 5 are under the care of Mrs Abi James where the focus is on increasing confidence and independence. Emphasis is placed on trying new things – to discover talents or interests the children may not know they have yet and inspire others to do the same. This develops growth mindset and the attitude of putting in maximum effort which form the bedrock of future academic success.

Upper School is the final stage of the Danes Hill journey and the culmination of all the benefits a private school education has to offer. Years 6 to 8 at a preparatory school offers children a unique opportunity to become leaders at a young age. Mr James Harvey leads the Upper School where pupils are taught leadership skills and are given the opportunity to practise these skills as they are rewarded with Positions of Responsibility that enable them to act as role models to younger pupils. To watch the positive impact our Upper School children have on our more junior pupils is visible proof of the benefits of a preparatory education. Giving pupils this sense of achievement in an environment they know well, will ensure they have the skills they require for Senior School and the world beyond.

Pre-Prep - Developing a Love for Learning

Mini Transition (Rising 3s)
Transition (Rising 4s)
Reception (age 4+)
Year 1 (age 5+)


Junior School - Increasing in confidence and independence

Year 2 (age 6+)
Year 3 (age 7+)
Year 4 (age 8+)
Year 5 (age 9+)


Upper School - Responsibility, opportunity and achievement

Year 6 (age 10+)
Year 7 (age 11+)
Year 8 (age 12+)


Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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