Head of Pre-Prep Welcome

Welcome to the Danes Hill Nursery and Pre-prep in Oxshott, Surrey. Everyone loves coming to our Pre-Prep each day from the children to the teachers, the teaching assistants to the cleaners and the playtime supervisors to the catering team. We genuinely love working together and care about our school community.

Creative teaching and learning is very important at the Pre-Prep. We aim to create meaningful experiences for all the pupils and, where possible, learning follows the children’s interests. Curriculum plans are monitored, reviewed and updated regularly to keep them fresh, topical and exciting. Most learning is thematic and topic based which helps the children to make meaning in the real world.

We ensure that we know our children exceptionally well and every child is treated as unique individual. We find out about their learning preferences and interests and we utilise a variety of teaching strategies during the school day and school week. We use a combination of teacher assessments and baseline assessments at the beginning of every academic year to ensure we know the children’s starting points, strengths and possible gaps in their learning. This helps up to plan a bespoke, engaging and stimulating curriculum each year.

The children are also exposed to outstanding teachers and teaching assistants as well as a number of talented and creative specialist teachers to enhance the curriculum and to bring learning to life. We have two learning support teachers based at the Pre-Prep and all lessons are carefully differentiated to ensure all children can access the learning. More able workshops are run in maths and reading and extension activities are available in all areas of the curriculum to stretch the children who love a challenge to ensure all children reach their full potential.

We monitor the children very carefully each and every day and ensure their positive mental health and wellbeing is just as important as their academic strength and success. We ensure that we talk about the children and their needs every day. The children are truly at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make at the Pre-Prep.

I love inspiring children to give their best, to be kind and to make a difference.

Ruth Samson
Head of Pre-Prep