Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Danes Hill School means a whole-school strategic and operational approach to improve our pupils experience of education, and to foster an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and promotes tolerance, resilience, fairness and equal opportunities for all. Our approach is integral to all aspects of school life and works to eliminate racism, inequality, discrimination and other hindrances to learning, to create an ethos that encourages engagement and academic achievement of pupils from Nursery through to Year 8.

Our pastoral system is one of the school’s greatest strengths – parents and visitors comment on the excellent knowledge that our staff have of our pupils as individuals. The school is broken down into small sections, the Pre-Prep, Junior School and Upper School, allowing focus on individual pupils and their needs. The pastoral team has several strands to it but support starts with the form teacher as this is the member of staff a child will see on a daily basis. Our staff nurtures learning experiences that meet the needs and raises the aspirations of every child. The approach creates clear aims for supporting the academic progress and personal development of all pupils in all sections of the school. Additionally, it prepares our pupils to become valued members of the community developing the social skills and personal qualities to prepare them for their future lives.

“My son has been in an environment that is diverse and inclusive and where learning has been well balanced with creative and engaging activities.”



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