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Prep School Map And Info

Prep School Address

Danes Hill School
Leatherhead Road
KT22 0JG

Reception/General Enquiries/All messages relating to pupils and staff
01372 842509

Admissions – Please contact Claire Walsh
01372 849203

Mrs Maxine Shaw, Head
01372 842509

Mrs Sonal Chatrath, Deputy Head Academic
01372 842509

Mr Ibe Akoh, Deputy Head Pastoral
01372 849289

Mr Andrew Murfin, Deputy Head Organisation & Co‑Curriculum
01372 842509

Ms Elise Tonnard, Director of Finance and Operations
01372 849291 

Mrs Katy Cornish, Chair of Governors

Please contact the following email address 


Climbing and Cookery Workshop

For children currently in Year 1, considering Danes Hill School

for a Year 3 place in 2025.

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