Our School Values

At Danes Hill, we work to create a school culture that fosters personal growth, inspires passion, empowers courage and nurtures respect. We believe that these core values truly embody the spirit of our community and guide us on our journey towards excellence. Our school values were articulated through a comprehensive consultation process, involving our dedicated staff team, the valuable input of our parents through consultations and surveys, and the voices of our pupils. Through this collaborative effort, we gained a clear insight into what makes Danes Hill special.

After distilling and analysing the feedback, we shared our four new school values in summer 2023:  Growth, Passion, Courage and Respect. These values encapsulate the qualities we wish to instil in our pupils, providing them with a solid foundation for success both academically and personally. Now that we have identified our values, our focus in 2023-24 is on embedding them into the fabric of our school culture.

We aim to promote our values at every turn, ensuring that they become an integral part of our pupils’ lives. Our assemblies are dedicated to living out these values, exploring real-life examples and discussing the importance of embracing growth, pursuing passions, showing respect, and demonstrating courage. To encourage and celebrate our pupils’ embodiment of these values, we are targeting house points dedicated to recognising acts aligned with our values. We are also establishing pupil awards that commend individuals who consistently exhibit our values in their daily lives.

In order for our pupils to be able to embrace them, our shared understanding of our values is based on the following statements:

girl doing long jump


I can demonstrate Growth by – working hard, giving my best effort, investing in my own development, being active in the development of those around me, expanding my horizons, nurturing my community

girl painting


I can demonstrate Passion by – being inspired, showing curiosity, showing ambition in all I do, striving to succeed, showing dedication in all things, not giving up

students on stage


I can demonstrate Courage by – developing the confidence to take risks, trying new things, not being afraid to fail, speaking up for myself and for others, telling the truth

student high fiving his friend


I can demonstrate Respect by – having an awareness of others as well as myself, treating everyone with dignity, showing others kindness and consideration, showing others empathy

We are excited about the positive impact our values are already having on our community. Together, we can nurture a culture where growth, passion, respect, and courage thrive. By embracing these values and ensuring that we model and demonstrate them in our professional lives, we are confident that our pupils will develop into confident, compassionate, and resilient individuals, well-prepared to face any challenge that comes their way.