Digital Learning

Danes Hill is at an exciting phase in its journey of digital transformation. Our aim is to always be at the forefront of education, whilst providing a caring, stimulating environment in which children’s individual needs can be met and their talents, confidence and self-esteem developed.  

 To achieve this, we need to equip our children to be independent, organised, collaborative and inquisitive learners, who are ready to flourish both at Danes Hill and beyond. Effective use of digital tools is pivotal to this in the modern world and, as a school, it is our aim to adopt a blended learning approach which allows children to develop their literacy in both the digital and analogue realms. 

 None of this will be possible without access to digital tools that enable a blended learning approach to flourish and provide engaging, interactive, and stimulating learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.  

 By ensuring that pupils have access to an appropriate digital device, we can provide a seamless learning experience which promotes and develops the 21st century skills that the children need, while also allowing for the best possible learning outcomes. 

As part of our digital transformation, we launched our 1-to-1 Digital Device Scheme for Year 5 and Year 7 pupils in 2023. 

student on a laptop

Empowering Our Pupils with Digital Learning

We recognise the importance of digital literacy skills, and the role technology plays in enhancing the learning experience of our pupils. As such, we are excited to introduce our 1-to-1 laptop scheme, which will allow each pupil in Years 5 and 7 with a personal laptop to facilitate their learning journey.

digital learning

Benefits to Pupils

- Increased access to educational resources
- Greater flexibility in assessment
- Exciting curriculum that is learner centric
- Improved organisation
- Unique forms of feedback
- Easy access to work

digital learning

Curriculum upgrades

Our curriculum upgrades have included digital inking, online portfolios of work, enhanced critical thing, collaboration and real-time sharing, audio/video recording and editing, data analytics and adaptive learning.