Sport Code of Conduct

All pupils representing Danes Hill in any sport must remember the following points:

  • Always be on time in full school uniform
  • Change as quickly and quietly as possible, ensuring that you wear the correct kit; socks pulled up, shirts tucked in.
  • Always respect and accept the decisions of the match official and thank them after the match.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team and both will benefit.
  • Remember that skill development, fun and enjoyment are the most important parts of sport.
  • After each game, the captain should lead the ‘Three Cheers’ and everyone should shake hands with the opposition.
  • Accept victory and defeat with a sporting attitude.
  • Shower and change quickly and quietly after each Games lesson.
  • Attend Match Tea as a squad in full school uniform.
  • Please wait until your opponents are served before starting to eat and drink. Conduct yourselves properly at all times.
  • Tidy the tables and chairs before you leave and wait to be dismissed.

Jewellery: Girls are not to wear any form of jewellery during games lessons or matches. If girls have just had their ears pierced, they need to bring in a letter requesting that they play with tape over their earrings, and this tape must be provided by the child. No other jewellery is allowed, except for Medi-Alerts, which are allowed so long as they are not likely to cause injury. The teacher will hold them for the duration of the lesson if they cannot be safely worn.