Bus Routes

At Danes Hill, we are delighted to offer an extensive network of bus routes to parents, in order to make their children’s journey to and from school easier.

CoachHire.com are responsible for the home-to-school transport service at Danes Hill.  CoachHire are the largest provider of home-to-school transport in the country.  Parents will have access to the SchoolSafe App which confirms when a child has boarded or disembarked the coach.  Daily bookings can also be made via the App for those signed up for the bus service.

A control centre is staffed from 6:30am and their operators monitor all routes and are available to assist parents and drivers should there be any delays or incidents.

The current Danes Hill bus service is open to children in Year 2 and above. Please click on the map below  and bus route information to view the current Danes Hill bus routes.

First page of the PDF file: DanesHillSchool_BusRoutes_2018UPDATED

For further details and how to book a place, please click on the link below: