Year 8 Innovative Creations

7th December 2021

The children develop a knowledge of woodworking equipment, food preparation, food hygiene and the elements that make up a balanced diet. They also improve their fine motor skills whilst evolving their independence and initiative as they work on their solo projects. Their growing skills give the children a good foundation for a future in design or engineering. Each year group works on something different which challenges them to work with different materials and equipment whilst challenging their creativity and the ability to think outside the box! This term our Year 8 pupils are researching, designing, modelling, and manufacturing a night light based on certain specifications. This project involves an introduction to simple electrical circuits which they create to power their night light, their science topic of creating electricity is bought to life in the DT classroom! Next door in the food technology room. The children follow an introduction to health and hygiene the children will cook a broad variety of meals from around the world. They will be encouraged to taste and evaluate the food they make and develop and improve traditional dishes.

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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