If You Go into the Woods Today….

13th October 2021

Today, Reception children enjoyed a fantastic trip to Nower Wood. Nower Wood is a place for wild learning run by the Surrey Wildlife Trust, they are passionate about encouraging individuals outdoors, connecting with the natural world and inspiring them to act on behalf of nature. Each season Nower Wood sees a new and exciting seasonal spectacle, in autumn there is blooming heather, fabulous fungi and migrating birds. The children not only saw these wonderful seasonal spectacles but also had a very exciting and successful bug hunt finding an incredible variety of minibeasts in the woodland area, using microscopes to explore the details of these insects. The minibeast explorers had magnifying viewing pots, collecting trays, sweeping nets, wooden spoons and identification keys which meant the children found a huge variety of amazing bugs. Later in the afternoon, the children were investigating plants, they were asked to consider what’s growing under your feet? Children need nature and Nower Wood believes every child deserves a wild, nature-filled world!