End of Term Skiing Event

11th June 2021

This year has been like no other, along with most other sports, there has been limited opportunities to compete in skiing. Therefore on Thursday 10 June, Danes Hill hosted our own end-of-term event to give our skiers the chance to compete and have a go at some set courses.

Our ski race coach, Christian Jensen, planned a great evening with three different courses for the children to attempt. These included a stubbie course, a long gate course, and a GS course. For some of our skiers, it was their first opportunity at racing, therefore, it was great to see them having a go. They finished with a fun competition of skiing styles to see which of our skiers had the most flare!

Prizes were given to the fastest times, most improved and funniest skiing style which was awarded to the following: L Jovanovich, S Jenkins, N Hardy, S Catt and V Davatzis.

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