Teddy Bears’ Picnic

12th May 2021

Today’s the day the teddy bears’ have their picnic! Today, the Mini Transition children took their favourite teddy bears out onto the field for a Teddy Bears’ Picnic with their teachers and Miss Aristidou. Miss Aristidou danced and sang with the children and they even went on an exciting bear hunt! Mrs Samson, Bevendean Headmistress, came to see the children to wish them a very good morning and to hear them sing their wonderful bear songs. Mrs Samson told them if they sang beautifully, her friend the Bevendean Bear may come and visit them at their picnic. Shortly after their song, a bobbing bears head could be seen over the hedges! The children were so excited the Bevendean Bear attended their picnic and even enjoyed a boogie with him before he went off for his morning nap. The children had a lovely morning out in the sunshine.