Earth Day!

22nd April 2021

Today at Danes Hill we celebrated Earth Day. This year marks 51 years since Earth Day first began. It’s an opportunity for people across the globe to come together, not only to celebrate the world but to also highlight how important it is to protect our precious planet. Every year Earth Day takes place on 22nd April and in previous years, people have taken part in marches and big clean-ups to highlight the importance of being green and taking care of the planet. Each year there is a theme for Earth Day and this year’s theme is ‘restore our earth’ which focuses on natural processes, green technologies and new ways that can restore the world’s ecosystems. This morning in assembly I Carellas spoke to the school and reminded us all of the important steps we can take to help save and protect our planet.  

At Bevendean, in aid of Earth Day they decided to have a no electricity day! For the whole day, the children and teachers were not allowed to use any electricity. This included lights, computers, screens or even the ovens in the dining room. Therefore, the children enjoyed a delicious packed lunch and found alternative ways to do their everyday activities with no power! The eco-warriors set off on an electrical inspection this morning with Miss Franks to ensure there was no electricity being used anywhere. Whilst Miss Aristidou was using musical instruments in her dance and music lessons to avoid the use of a laptop or speaker and the children created their own music to sing and dance to.

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