Girls’ Games Weekly News

12th October 2020

Girls Games Weekly News

This week girls games enjoyed some exciting afternoons of sport with house hockey matches and senior fixtures against Ardingly College.

Year 4 House Hockey

Congratulations to all of the Year 4 girls on a fantastic House Hockey Competition on Monday. All of the teams showed excellent teamwork and demonstrated the skills that they have been learning in lessons. It was wonderful to see the captains of each house taking on their roles with great fairness and enthusiasm.

The results were as follows:

Saxons- 4th place

Normans- 3rd place

Vikings- 2nd place

Danes- 1st place

It was extremely close between the Vikings and Danes for 1st place position with both teams finishing on equal points. The Danes were crowned the winners by scoring more goals in their 3 matches. Well done to all of the teams!

A special mention to the following girls who received Player of the Tournament from the captains for their excellent efforts throughout the afternoon.

H. Birks

H. Winklehner

S. Jenkins

H. Choi

Year 6 House Hockey

On Tuesday, the sun shone down on the Year 6 pupils for their House Hockey Competition. All the girls warmed up in their houses, practised skills and short corners in preparation for the competition. For each match, the girls knew when and where they were playing due to their excellent pre-game planning and they also demonstrated brilliant team cohesion on the pitch.

The results were as follows:

Vikings- 4th place

Normans- 3rd place

Saxons- 2nd place

Danes- 1st place

Danes were extremely strong from the outset and displayed impressive hockey in all their matches. Between the other houses, the results were close and all the girls should be proud of their performances. Congratulations to the following girls who were awarded player of the tournament.

J. Cetti

A. Cotterell


I. Brown

Senior Hockey Fixtures

Written by Cecily Moorhead- Hockey Captain

On Wednesday, the U13 A and B and U12 A and B hockey teams welcomed Ardingly College to Danes Hill.

The U13 A team’s tackling in this match was particularly strong and meant that our players were able to turn defence into attack quickly and efficiently. In this match most of our attacking moves were successfully converted into goals. For the A team, C.Moore achieved player of the match. It was well deserved as she scored most of our goals, using her stick skills and speed to run the ball down the line. The final score was 7-2 to Danes Hill.

The U13 B team had a really good game against Ardingly. Congratulations to A.Bagshaw and who got player of the match for her strong stick skills and attacking play. Also, a special mention to A.Rainbow for positioning herself on the goal post giving herself the opportunity to take shots on goal. A great team effort all around and a 4-0 win.

The U12 A team had many shots at goal but were stopped by Ardingly’s strong goalkeeper. The team progressed extremely well throughout the game and worked hard to attack at Ardingly’s defence. An excellent goal by A Baker finally came in the second half after 4 shots at the goalkeeper. The final score ended 1-4 and the girls were delighted with how they played.

The U12 B team’s game was evenly matched, with the girls defending extremely well. The game continued to be close throughout, with L.Taylor scoring a goal in the final few minutes to equalise the game 1-1.

Everyone played extremely well throughout their matches – Well done to everyone!

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