Year 6 Begin Their Discover You Journey

8th September 2020

Today, Year 6 had their first DiscoverYOU session. The DiscoverYOU Interview Preparation Workshops aim to inspire the young minds to identify their individual passions and strengths through interactive workshops that empower each child to confidently articulate their unique talents. These workshops create opportunities for the children to learn more about each other, form trust bonds, learning how to take a compliment and trust the positive things that others say. They give the children the ability to have open conversations with each other and know that the tutor environment is a safe one to have them in and encourage individual storytelling to back up all strengths and talents.

Each week in their tutor time, the children attend their DiscoverYOU workshop. Their process throughout the workshops, works towards their interview practise. This is a valuable tool for the Year 6 pupils when they select their seniors schools over the next few years.