Year 4 History Day

16th March 2020

The Year 4 pupils took part in workshops covering everything Viking related! From home-life, battles, Gods and how to have fun. Our ‘Viking leader’ for the day left a lasting impression on pupils and teachers alike.

The day started with a short talk followed by a number of interactive activities including Fox and Geese- the Viking board game. The children then had the opportunity to complete a Viking quiz and also a chance to examine a range of artefacts, replicas and in some instances, the actual ancient artefact.

The afternoon session started with an impressive, yet chilling weapons and armour display. A group effort either saw a victorious cry or a woeful whimper in spear wrestling, followed by a staged Viking battle. Unlike Viking swords, our foam versions left no lasting damage to the opposition.

The day ended with an enthralling Old Norse tale; a splendid way to complete a day rich in history. Thank you very much to all Year 4 parents, for preparing your sons and daughters with amazing outfits for the day.

Taster Workshop Day

Our upcoming workshops will take place on Monday 25 March

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