Star Of The Term

12th December 2019

Well done to the following girls who have been awarded ‘Star of the term’. Congratulations on this fantastic achievement.

Year 2: M Boheim – M Boheim has had an excellent term in hockey and worked tirelessly throughout games lessons and matches. She always tries her best and has shown some fantastic hockey skills.

Year 3: L Webbstock – L  Webbstock has had a brilliant term in hockey and scored lots of goals for her team. She has shown a fantastic attitude in games lessons; working tirelessly every time she is on the pitch.

Year 4: T Kim – T Kim has shown a great attitude towards her hockey this term and has improved her skills as a result. She always shows fantastic levels of focus and determination and it is great to see her enjoying games lessons so much.

Year 5: M Koita – M Koita has worked so hard this term and been a bundle of positivity throughout. She is always the first to get changed for games and has been a regular attendee of additional football practice through extended games.

Year 6: A Bednall – A Bednall has had a brilliant term and played a pivotal role in the U11 National Championship winning team. She was focused and disciplined in doing a role for her team and demonstrated a fantastic level of maturity and discipline in how she played and conducted herself on the hockey pitch.

Year 7: L Rexstrew – L Rexstrew has enjoyed another fantastic term in hockey. She has won countless Player of the Match awards for her impressive performances in defence and her constant focus to improving her game has been a joy to watch.

Year 8: S Krupchak – S Krupchak has worked exceptionally hard this term and has shown brilliant improvements in her game as a result. She was fully deserving of her move into a higher team and has demonstrated a great attitude towards both games lessons and matches.