Oxshott Village Sign

14th May 2019

This afternoon some of the children at Danes Hill School went down to support the official inauguration of the new Oxshott Village sign. This sign has been 2 years in the making and Oxshott’s community has come together to help design, fund and create. The following children entered the competition to design the sign and were given awards for their amazing creations, A French, M Antoneli, H Feltham, M Antonelli, A Fry, A Behr and E Yun. Robert Jones’ submission won the competition, his design encapsulates Oxshott’s history including, the first-ever reinforced concrete footbridge, St. Andrew’s church bell tower and the Wren mark from Oxshott Pottery. Danes Hill School are proud to be a part of the contributions made to Oxshott Village’s sign, a beautiful creation reflecting Oxshott’s history.


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Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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