‘Animal Man’ Visits Bevendean

13th March 2019

‘Animal Man’ Nick visited Bevendean today, Reception children were lucky enough to see his collection of animals including birds, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. As part of the children’s animal and habitat topic, they got to experience a hands-on encounter with the real animals which helped bring their studies to life. Nick tested them on their knowledge of animals and taught them many new and interesting facts. They learnt that the tarantula, much like snakes, sheds it’s skin a couple of times in a year, this process is known as moulting. Reception met a rose hair tarantula and a couple of children were even brave enough to hold it, including their teacher Miss Lester!

Other animals they met included a skunk, chinchilla, a barn owl, bearded dragon (which turned out to be not as spikey as it appeared), an armadillo, hedgehog, a pancake turtle called Tuesday and a rather big snake! Each child was very brave and excited to touch and interact with some of Nick’s animals! Some of the favourites were the chinchilla as it has very soft and thick fur and the hedgehog as it was only a baby and was very inquisitive. Thank you for the Animal Man for coming down to visit us at Bevendean!