Baptism in Year 6!

6th March 2019

Today Mr Bryant’s Year 6 Religious Studies class tried their hands at baptism with the use of a Teddy bear! In their lessons they have been studying baptism, infant baptism and full immersion baptism. The two differ depending on the age of the participant, the older they are the assumption being they have more understanding of giving their faith to God. They focused on the process of these special religious events and created a storyboard on the iPad using their teddy bear to represent the baby or adult being baptised. Following the process the pupils began with a priest reading from the bible to the ‘congregation’ leading onto fully immersing the teddy bear into the water or alternatively drawing a cross onto the forehead with the water. They created some amazing storyboards with some great photos of the ceremonies they held.

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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