Pancake Toss Competition

5th March 2019

Mr Bryant started our week off with an insight into the celebration of Pancake Day, specifically the Spanish traditions. Their celebrations differ to ours, and in true Spanish style, their celebration is big! Carnaval is a week-long festival or party that precedes the forty-day Lenten period of prayer, reflection and penance before Easter. They begin their celebrations with omelette or chorizo day. This is a day to clean the pantry of meat and bread and to celebrate before Lent, by eating a meal as a community. Following this in some regions of Spain they create a large sardine from crafts, this sardine is walked around the town and then burnt, this ceremony is symbolic of stripping away the past. In other regions they go into the streets and throw flour or meringue at each other whilst others using sweets in this mass food fight.

Following Mr Bryant’s introduction into the Spanish celebrations, our 4 houses, Saxons, Danes, Normans and Vikings went head-to-head in a pancake toss competition. Pancake Day marks the final ‘gorge’ of all things sweet before we begin our fast for Lent. Each head of house was allowed 1 minute to flip their pancakes as many times as they could. It was a tense minute for each house! The ultimate winners were the Normans where Ella. S managed 94 flips in a minute, a great victory and a great start to Pancake Day and the start of Lent. Thank you Mr Bryant! Tomorrow we look forward to a Spanish themed lunch.

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