Sensory Story writing

26th February 2019

Today Mrs Cooper’s Year 5 English lesson went to the library to find a camping tent sat in the middle of the room! The class all climbed into the tent to begin their sensory story writing. Focusing on what they could smell, see, hear, taste and feel to inspire their stories with motivation from Bill Bryson’s writing ‘Walk in the Woods’. Mrs Cooper read out some examples such as, ‘they were welcomed by wave after wave of the gently nodding heads of daffodils’ whilst above ‘the trees were joined together like a crowd of vivid green umbrellas’.  They all agreed it was evening time at the campsite, they could smell the tent and the smoky camp fire, they wanted to roast marshmallows over their fire and they could hear the sound of the rustling leaves and birds high in the trees. Their sensory experiences inspired the stories they wrote including tales of stargazing and fishing. Some excellent stories were written, it’s not every day you get to camp in the library!

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