Year 7 Get Topical

15th February 2019

Today in Mr Bryant’s Religious Studies lesson, Year 7 they were discussing recent news reports. They were analysing the articles on moral and ethical themes covered in their previous studies this term. One of the stories was about the Spice Girls who recently created t-shirts for their future tour with the #iwannabeaspicegirl logo on the front. The production of these t-shirts attracted a lot of attention as it was reported the factory workers in Bangladesh were being paid 35p an hour and were working in abusive conditions. The class acknowledged the fact that the Spice Girls were unaware of the situation and they noted the positive side of this article, the funds made from the selling of these t-shirts would be donated to charity and gender equality was also being addressed as ‘gender equality’ was highlighted on the back of the garments.

At the end of the lesson the pupils glanced at the Climate Change Protest happening today. Demonstrations are being held in areas including London, Bristol, Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands, organised by youth climate change groups. When Mr Bryant asked the class if they would have attended the demonstrations, all the children agreed they would. Anna Taylor from the UK Student Climate Network commented, ‘We’re running out of time for a meaningful change, and that’s why we’re seeing young people around the world rising up to hold their governments to account on their dismal climate records’. Our Year 7 children were very eager to see the success of this demonstration to finally bring about some change to the climate change issue. Some interesting stories were covered and some excellent arguments were made from the class.

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