Golden Hour With Transition

5th February 2019

Following a fun-filled morning of lessons, a delicious lunch and a run around in the playground, Mrs Elatmani’s Transition class had their daily hour of golden time. Mrs Elatmani showed her class a range of activities they could choose from. This hour allowed the children to explore different subjects and practise specific skills. Hector. W, with the help of his teacher, practiced writing the letter H whilst Alfie. H worked on his numbers. Alfie. H said, “I love golden hour a lot, it is fun to have all the activities to choose from”. On the other side of the classroom the activities were more art based; some children played with the playdough creating little animals, Bella. E made a little ladybird and called her Lola. The children of class TE were encouraged to try out the different activities practising their skills in maths, English and art. Transition love the freedom of their golden hour.


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