Learning Support Teacher

17th October 2018

Learning Support Teacher

We are seeking an enthusiastic Learning Support Teacher to work in an ambitious and successful department from January 2019. Candidates may be interviewed on receipt of application, therefore, early submissions are encouraged. The completed application form should be emailed to Mrs Sonal Chatrath, Assistant Head Academic. schatrath@daneshill.surrey.sch.uk

Job Description

Teaching and Learning

  • To teach individual pupils and/or small groups with appropriate regard to their abilities and needs.
  • To teach underlying skills required to facilitate learning and develop strategies to transfer these skills to the classroom.
  • To work through structured learning programmes devised from external agency reports where available and have well prepared lessons and notes for each lesson delivered. Attendance of child to be recorded.
  • To teach in a multi-sensory way in order to help pupils to store and retrieve information more easily.
  • To create a climate where learning is enjoyable and children are relaxed, enabling them to reach their full potential. Organising the teaching area that is conducive to an effective learning process and a well ordered stimulating environment.
  • To be aware of current research and legislation in relevant areas of SEND and be willing to apply different approaches to teaching.
  • To maintain good order, discipline and respect for others among pupils, to promote understanding of School rules and values and to safeguard health and safety matters.


  • To prepare and review Learning Support Plans (IEP) each term based on reports available.
  • To work as a team player when preparing timetables and be flexible to changes therein.
  • To administer standardised reading/spelling tests and keep record of individual pupil’s progress.
  • Write reports in line with the school reporting dates.
  • To communicate and consult with parents as necessary, recording all formal communication.
  • To liaise with the SENCO with regard to pupil progress, development and social welfare.
  • To main and research a wide variety of resources and teaching techniques.
  • To go on further training opportunities to enhance teaching skills and develop personal areas of interest and expertise.

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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