Transition Children Witness Nature at its Finest

13th August 2018

Recently in class, children in Transition have been learning all about the lifecycle of chicks and, in support of this, Bevendean received ten chick eggs in an incubator at the start of the week.

It was up to the Transition classes to nurture the eggs until hatching by keeping them in the incubator at a temperature of 37.7 degrees Celsius. As the week progressed, the children each predicted which egg they thought would hatch first and whether each would be male or female.

By the middle of the week, excitement levels were at their peak as a few cracks began to appear in the eggs. Indeed on that very afternoon, it was egg number eight that was the first to hatch and the event was caught on camera by Transition teachers.

The other chicks soon followed as, when the children arrived at school on Thursday morning, all of the eggs had hatched. The children were all very excited at seeing the chicks, with the smiles on their faces proving the worthiness of this exercise.

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