There Is No “I” in Team

13th August 2018

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It was the turn of children in 2IML to deliver their assembly and, with lots of expectation on their shoulders given the high performance of recent assemblies, they did not fail to disappoint.

There was a large audience in attendance, including a large contingent of parental support. The assembly itself was all about the importance of cooperation and teamwork. As well as some musical melodies, the assembly revolved around two delightful stories highlighting how teamwork and cooperation can help people achieve the impossible, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As with any good story, there was also plenty of humour in the shape of some amusing, animated clips on the Ark screen, which brought plenty of laughter.

A very big well done to everyone who took part in this assembly. Everyone undoubtedly left the Ark with a greater appreciation for the importance of those around them.