3SFB Bring Danes Hill into a World of Pure Imagination

13th August 2018

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Children in 3SFB dazzled their peers and parents this week with an assembly all about the iconic literary figure, Roald Dahl.

There was plenty for the students to relate, not just on the wonderful tales Dahl created but also about the man himself. Many are unaware of the author’s troubled childhood, with Dahl’s father dying when he was just four years old. There followed a difficult school period where Dahl regularly found himself in trouble with his teachers and frustrated by rules and boundaries.

It was a wonderful assembly with perhaps the highlight being the rendition of ‘Pure Imagination’ from the exquisite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children can all be extremely proud of their performances, especially given the last minute changes which had to be made due to one member of the class being absent through illness.

Endless smiles beamed across the parents’ faces as they stayed for coffee after the assembly. Well done to everyone involved.

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