ISI Inspection Report

Compliance Inspection, June 2017

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Compliance Inspection Report, June 2017


Danes Hill School received the result of 'outstanding in all areas' in our ISI Inspection report, September 2013. Please see below a summary of the report, you can download the full report by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.



Main Findings

  • Danes Hill School is extremely successful in meeting its aims, providing pupils with a wealth of opportunities to discover and develop their talents and become well-rounded and self-assured individuals. From the EYFS onwards, achievement is excellent and pupils reach high standards in their academic work. Those with SEND, in particular, often make excellent progress from their various starting points. Thanks to an excellent curriculum and an exceptionally wide range of extra-curricular activities, pupils have the chance to find out what they enjoy and what they are good at, so that they are able to excel both within and beyond the classroom. Sporting and musical prowess is extensive, artwork is of a high quality and pupils have an excellent command for their age of a number of foreign and classical languages. Teaching overall is excellent, including in the EYFS, giving pupils a thorough grounding in the knowledge and skills they need to be securely equipped for their secondary education.
  • The pupils’ personal development is excellent. They value the world around them and appreciate the beauty of art and music, and they have a very clearly defined sense of right and wrong. Pupils are confident and outgoing, but are never precocious. They are modest about their own achievements, but are always ready to acknowledge the achievements of others. Pupils are accepting of others from different backgrounds and are interested to find out about cultures different from their own. Pastoral care is excellent, and small form and tutor group sizes mean that pupils of all ages, including the youngest, feel safe, secure and well-known. Relationships between pupils and staff, and amongst the pupils, are consistently outstanding. The school pays excellent attention to pupils’ welfare, health and safety.
  • The quality of governance and of leadership and management is excellent. Leaders and Governors ensure that the school complies fully with all regulatory requirements. Governors support and challenge the school effectively at all levels, including the EYFS, and enable senior leaders to implement a clearly planned programme of improvement. There are carefully organised processes for monitoring and evaluating the school’s work and for performance management.

The Quality Of Academic and Other Achievements

The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning

  • The quality of the pupil's achievements is excellent.
  • The pupils are highly articulate and they listen exceptionally well.
  • Pupils have a secure grasp of mathematical concepts.
  • Their achievement in physical activity is outstanding.
  • Achievement in extra-curricular activities is excellent.
  • Those pupils who sit drama examinations achieve excellent results and regularly win local festivals of speech and drama. They also achieve high grades in instrumental music examinations.
  • The quality of the art and design technology (DT) work is excellent.
  • Pupils perform extremely successfully in the examinations for their senior schools and in GCSEs in modern foreign languages and Latin, with every pupil gaining entry to their chosen school. A large number of leavers have won academic, sport, music, art, DT and drama scholarships.
  • Attainment at Danes Hill is judged to be excellent in relation to national age-related expectations and their speaking and listening skills are highly developed.
  • Pupils with SEND or English as an additional language (EAL), in particular, have strong levels of achievement.
  • Children in EYFS, including those with SEND or EAL, make outstanding progress.
  • The pupils’ attitude to their work and learning is excellent at all levels of the school.
  • They are highly self-motivated, organised and enthusiastic.
  • Children clearly enjoy their time at school.
  • In Nursery, children make rapid progress in recognising letters and sounds.

The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision

  • The contribution of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities is excellent and fully supports the school’s mission to develop the whole child.
  • The curriculum is thoroughly well planned and is broad and well balanced across all subject areas. It is enriched by the exceptional provision in sport.
  • The pupils’ aesthetic development is enriched by extensive opportunity in music, art, dance and drama.
  • The children benefit greatly from direct access to outdoor areas and their weekly visits to the Paddock situated at the senior school.
  • Outstanding provision is made within the EYFS for children with SEND and EAL, ensuring that they achieve as well as they can.
  • The provision of extra-curricular activities is excellent for all pupils and the range is exceptionally wide.
  • Links with the local community are excellent.

The contribution of teaching

  • The contribution of teaching, which is motivational throughout the school, is excellent.
  • Pupils are extremely well-behaved in their lessons.
  • They benefit from a stimulating, richly resourced environment.
  • Relationships in lessons are excellent and teachers know their pupils extremely well.
  • The preparation for scholarship and senior school entry is meticulous.
  • Excellent use is made in the EYFS of observations and photographs to record and evaluate children’s learning and to guide future planning, which often incorporates children’s own ideas.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils

  • The quality of the pupils’ personal and social development is excellent and pupils of all ages exude a sense of happiness and confidence.
  • Pupils articulate well and have great pride in their school.
  • Children are considerate and kind towards each other and they conduct themselves with extreme courtesy and politeness.
  • Pupils’ high self-esteem and excellent conduct is strongly encouraged by teachers at all levels. The school develops well-rounded and self-assured individuals who enjoy succeeding and making a contribution to both the school and the wider community, thereby meeting its aims.
  • Expectations of pupils are high and they have a strong sense of right and wrong. Pupils have a clear understanding of moral issues.
  • Pupils are eager, co-operative and collaborative, interacting with ease.
  • Pupils have a good awareness that others do not share their good fortune, with younger pupils focussing on children’s charities, whilst older ones work with elderly residents and homeless charities in the immediate locality.
  • The cultural awareness of pupils is excellent. They are sensitive to the beliefs and traditions of different cultural groups.
  • In EYFS children’s personal development and behaviour is outstanding. They know how to stay safe, particularly in the woodland classroom, and understand the importance of healthy eating, personal hygiene and exercise.

The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care

  • The quality of pastoral care is excellent with the school having a highly effective pastoral structure.
  • The close, supportive relationship between staff and children creates a safe, secure environment where children feel able to explore and learn independently.
  • The school has excellent arrangements to promote good behaviour and tolerance.
  • Pupils felt that any bullying issues are taken very seriously and resolved quickly by staff.
  • Children form strong friendships and confide in key adults with confidence. Children are very well cared for by staff who are extremely sensitive to their needs.
  • Home-cooked, freshly prepared lunches help children in the EYFS to understand the importance of healthy eating.

The contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety

The school makes excellent provision for the welfare, health and safety of its pupils.

The Effectiveness Of Governance, Leadership and Management

The quality of governance

  • The quality of governance is excellent.
  • The governing body is extremely successful in the way in which it supports and challenges the school.
  • Governors have a clear insight into the school’s strengths and areas for development.
  • The quality of leadership and management, including links with the parents, carers and guardians, is excellent.
  • Leadership is highly effective in enabling the school to achieve its aims to develop the whole child.
  • Leadership and management in the EYFS are highly effective.
  • The school maintains excellent links with parents who feel involved in the life of the school community.
  • The school has created a very harmonious and supportive environment for all members of its community.