At Danes Hill we aim to take every child in our care on a most extraordinary journey, and one which can nurture the talent and provide the skills and experience to last a lifetime. From the nervous child’s first arrival at Transition’s door to the self-confident teenager addressing his or her final Speech Day, from infant to young adult, it is a privilege to be responsible for a child’s development through these formative years.

Danes Hill is a large school, and this enables us to provide an uniquely broad curriculum as well as specialist staff. Through challenging and encouraging pupils in their pursuit of excellence, we allow children to thrive, achieving success on the sports field, in the examination hall, or wherever their talents lie. Testament to this is the fact that this year, Danes Hill pupils have been awarded 46 Senior School scholarships. But we are also an inclusive school, where every pupil is equally important to us. The balance of learning support, academic scholarship, physical development and pastoral care is tailored to the needs of the individual boy or girl. We lay the greatest possible importance on good communications with parents: we believe that education is a team effort, with home and school journeying together for the benefit of the child.

Sport, Music, Art and Drama are all renowned strengths of the school, and a glance at our termly calendar reveals the wealth of activities, trips and events which provide so many opportunities for our boys and girls to shine. We believe that every child possesses talents, and it is our job to unlock, nurture and put them to greatest use.

Our prospectus – and this website – will give you a flavour of the education we can offer your child. However, there is no substitute for seeing us in action and I would urge you to come and meet the boys and girls of Danes Hill, of whom we are so proud.

Welcome to Danes Hill – the journey begins here!

Rob Andrews, Acting Head