Local Theatre company visits for a captivating performance

25th January 2022

To kick-start the Spring Term, our Year 2 children took part in a Traditional Tales Day run by The Hobgoblin Theatre Company. This day of interactive workshops bought their English topic to life as they saw familiar traditional stories performed live in front of them.

Traditional Tales Day was an inspiring way to spend the first Friday back at school. The children arrived at the school gates dressed up as their favourite traditional story characters. There was an abundance of Princesses from Belle to Cinderella, a Dragon, the Three Little Pigs and of course The Big Bad Wolf. The children’s English lessons were bought to life as they watched The Hobgoblin Theatre Company perform Hansel and Gretel before delving into a whole host of activities. They unpacked the meaning of the story through role-play and understood the key features through interactive games.

The Hobgoblin Theatre Company are a local company based in Redhill, Surrey. They formed the Hobgoblin Theatre Company out of a desire to do something worthwhile with their acting training and experience while still enjoying the excitement of live performance. With a firm focus on educational values, they aim to be a valuable resource for the children’s learning and hope to inspire each and every child they meet.

We encourage the children to develop a love for reading. As well as holding themed days such as Traditional Tales Day, our library holds over 14,000 books. We encourage our pupils to explore the shelves every day to foster a passion for books and literature.

Rob Andrews, Acting Head said:

“Our curriculum is designed to inspire and excite our children, so they look forward to coming into school every day to learn. After a long time of not being able to have visitors come to Danes Hill it is wonderful to be able to welcome back outside companies to further enrich the children’s educational journey.”