Wizards of Danes Hill

23rd November 2021

Mrs Keat, Mrs Arnold, and the English department hosted a very exciting Harry Potter themed event in the Library. The children were invited to dress up as their favourite Harry Potter character, even the teachers got creative with their costumes! Mrs Keat was dressed as the Sweet Trolley, Mrs Holzer was a Mandrake and Mrs Arnold was the lovely Luna Lovegood. The children brushed off their wands, found their broomsticks and put their cloaks on, with one of our Year 5 children sporting Hagrid’s very hairy ensemble!

Outside in the potions class, Dr Archer was creating bubbling potions with dry ice and lots of coloured ingredients, there was a slime making station where the children made their very own slime mixture and a miniature firework station where candles and orange peel were used to produce magic! In the Library the children were able to roam around the activity stations freely making containers for their ‘chocolate frogs’ and using balloons to make owls which are responsible for posting all the wizards post in the books. Many of the children thoroughly enjoyed making their own bookmarks with felt cut outs, with one fantastic creation of Harry Potter the wizard! To finish their evening, the children had their feast in the ‘Great Hall’. Our wonderful caterers, Holroyd Howe, made delicious cupcakes, sweet bars, sandwiches and more for the children to feast! Thank you to the English department for a fantastic evening, we look forward to the Upper School themed event in the Library soon!

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