Colour Wheel Creations

23rd November 2021

Transition children were creative with the colour wheel and some vivid paints using primary colours. Other children in the class set off to enjoy their ballet lesson with Mrs Hammond. Their days are spent in a safe and stimulating environment where they can explore and learn through play. The children develop their language and numeracy with science, French, Spanish, music, drama, art, and a wide range of physical activities, all playing their part in the broad and balanced curriculum. At Bevendean the personalised attention offered by our teachers ensures that pupils soon master the skills of reading, writing and mathematics in the early years. By offering a well-rounded curriculum, together with access to an extensive range of outdoor-learning activities in our 20-acre Paddock area, we hope to inspire our boys and girls to find a joy in learning that will motivate them throughout their time at school.


Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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