Music to our Ears

29th September 2021

Today in the corridor of our music block, some wonderful melodies could be heard from a variety of instruments! Emaan A was working hard on her recorder, practising an exciting piece all about an owl, working on moving her fingers quickly so she could produce every note. Next door, Leo E was working on a beautiful piece on his classical guitar, his teacher was encouraging him to find moments where he played slightly quieter and then gradually increasing the volume to create some contrast in the piece. In singing Amelia L was rehearsing a beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, from the Wizard of Oz. The wide variety of choices for a musical instrument at Danes Hill means every child has the opportunity to try something new. Every Monday afternoon, our orchestra meet in the Ark with Mrs Stanley and Mrs Packer, this is a time for children to come together after their private lessons and practise playing with many other instruments in a group of wonderful musicians!

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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