Reception Get Moving!

21st May 2021

This morning, in their dance lesson with Miss Aristidou, the Reception children had fun moving their body. They begin with a warm-up, L James was asked “why do we warm up the body before a dance class” she remembered we were getting our body warm to prevent injury and to get our blood pumping. After their funky warm-up, Miss Aristidou performed a short yoga stretch, to a wonderful song, ‘Sun Salutation’. The children sang along whilst moving through their yoga poses and stretching out their bodies after a busy morning in the classroom. Their ‘galloping’ from the corner in pairs has improved and the children have learnt the importance of looking where they are going and working with their partner to be synchronized in their movement. Their final dance looked at the dynamics of movement, the music shifts from sharp and staccato to soft and lyrical. As the music changes the children change their dance movements from robot-inspired actions to being a floppy doll. The children have a wonderful time with Miss Aristidou and look forward to their lesson with her each week!