Very Special Guests for Year 2

19th May 2021

On Friday, the Year 2 children and teachers watched their new guests to see if there was any sign of movement. In the afternoon, the little eggs began to hatch and the Year 2 corridor was filled with the sound of little chirping chicks. The beautiful, fluffy, yellow chicks have found their new home very comfortable and today some of the children got the opportunity to meet them! Mrs Green’s class were very excited to hold a chick and were very careful to be gentle with them. In their science lessons, they have been talking about baby animals, identifying the adult animal and their matching baby and explaining some of the differences between the baby and adult animals. Their exploration of animals moved onto the 7 life processes and the changes that occur in a living thing from birth to adulthood. The children have watched the chicks grow, even in the few days they have been with us, and the children are able to see first-hand the incredible changes that occur in such a small amount of time.