Team Building in PSHEE

17th May 2021

This morning in their PSHEE lessons, the Year 3 classes gathered outside for some team building, testing their communication skills and ability to work as a class. Mrs Hubbard instructed her class to create 2 circles, getting the hula hoop around the circle without breaking the chain or the children using their hands. Miss Woods class were put into pairs with one child being blindfolded. They worked together maneuvering around the playground, communicating in order to avoid any obstacles. In Mr Turner’s class, their communication skills were tested when they were asked to get into a height order line without speaking.  The children did very well with this task, efficiently working along the line to check their height against their classmates. We are very lucky to have such beautiful surroundings for the children to be able to work not just inside the classroom, but also taking the classroom outside!

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