The celebration of Eid

10th May 2021

Mr Bryant gave a wonderful presentation in assembly on the Festival of Eid with the help of S Albayati, Y Albayati, T Mahasneh and A Bakr. The children explained to the school in our virtual assembly all about Ramadan and Eid Mubarak. Also known as the ‘Festival of Breaking the Fast’, Eid is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan. The Islamic Holy month is said to be the month in which Prophet Muhammad got the first revelation of the Holy Quran. The celebrations of Eid consist of families and congregations coming together to pray and enjoy food together. S Albayati bought a beautiful crescent moon dish with delicious dates, the crescent moon represents the first sighting of a new moon which marks the start of Ramadan, dates being a popular cuisine during this celebration. A Bakr bought in her father’s prayer mat, a beautiful intricate pattern adorns the mat and she explained all about the importance of prayer during this time. Thank you to all of these children for sharing this wonderful presentation with us today!

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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