Miller’s Ark Farm visits Bevendean!

6th May 2021

Today the Transition children were overjoyed to see the Miller’s Ark Farm animals in their playground! Farmer Taryn introduced the children to a donkey and her baby called Koala. This little donkey was 4 months old and the children thoroughly enjoyed stroking her soft ears. They met a mummy goat and her baby goats, they even had the opportunity to see a pygmy goat and a sheep! There were 2 little pigs who loved having their tummies scratched, chickens, beautifully white ducks, polish chickens and some very cute goslings! The children were able to pet many of the animals and found out the little goslings were very soft. Farmer Jenny demonstrated the different sizes of the eggs produced by turkeys, chickens and ducks, the children couldn’t believe the size of the Turkey eggs! Thank you to Miller’s Ark Farm for visiting and bringing your wonderful animals.

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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