Year 3 catch a Mammoth!

30th April 2021

The Year 3 children had a very exciting visitor to teach them all about the Stone Age! Mr Morris came with a treasure trove of artefacts and replicas of tools, weapons, clothing and more all from the Stone Age era. So far, in their humanities lessons this term, the children have looked at the timescale of human prehistory, learning about archaeologists and what pre-history really means. This week they have looked at the palaeolithic period also known as the Old Stone Age, and today they learnt how hominins survived by gathering plants, fishing, hunting or scavenging wild animals. This age is characterised by the use of knapped stone tools which the children were able to hold and try out for themselves.

Mr Morris taught the children some amazing facts and at the end of the workshops, the children all went on their very own hunt! Mr Morris transformed into a ‘wild mammoth’ and the children had to work tactically to capture him in the ‘swamp’. The children experienced first hand what it was like to hunt a wild animal and how working as a team was the best method for a successful catch. Next week the children will move onto the exciting Mesolithic period!