Delicious DT Creations!

28th April 2021

Today in food technology, the Year 6 children were cooking carrot and apple muffins! They all worked hard to grate their carrots and apples to go into the mixture along with their delicious spices. This recipe tested their sifting, grating and beating skills as well as the all-important skill of cracking an egg!  Once they had created the perfect mixture they carefully placed their muffins in the oven to cook whilst clearing their station and regularly checking on the progress of their muffins. Previously in their journey to becoming excellent chefs, the children have cooked Anzac biscuits and couscous salad with Miss Reeves in their Food Tech lesson.  

This afternoon the Year 4 children are making amazing banana and coconut cookies. Throughout their term in Food tech, the Year 4 children have looked at the health and safety rules in the kitchen, made a delicious citrus dessert, studied the concept of branding and design and made their very own Pizzettas! The children are always very excited to have a practical cooking lesson and the kitchen has been very busy today with lots of delicious baking!