Star of Half Term

11th December 2020

Well done to the following children who have achieved ‘Star of Half Term’:

Year 2

L. Jesman

Lydia has excelled in hockey this half term. She continues to thrive in every lesson; demonstrating excellent attacking skills and outplaying her opponents in competitive situations. Lydia moves at pace with the ball and tackles peers with determination.

P. Walker

Polly has made excellent progression; demonstrating dribbling with speed and wonderful use of the reverse stick.  In competitive situations, she moves towards her opposition, putting them under pressure and consequently winning the ball.  


Year 3

C. Edwards

Chloe continues to thrive in hockey; demonstrating sound use of her reverse stick and making good tackles in competitive situations.  She is extremely determined and eager to win the ball in matches. Chloe is a valid member of her hockey team.

C. Paes Barreto

Carolina has been a wonderful addition to the year 3 cohort and is an excellent hockey player. She has demonstrated great attacking skills; performing well executed drags and peels to out play her opposition and is always eager to win the ball. She is a very strong defender; making many successful tackles in matches as well as deflecting the ball away from her teams goal.

Year 4

L. Jardell

Lily has made excellent progression this term.  She has a fantastic work ethic and has impressed many games staff with her determination and positive approach to learning.  Lily dribbles the ball with great pace and is a valid member of her team.

H. Winklehner

As a new comer to hockey, Hannah has made excellent progress. She is growing into a fantastic defender; demonstrating great control and winning the ball consistently. Hannah is supportive of her peers and never gives up!


Year 5

J. Royden-Turner

Jaime has had a brilliant half term, making excellent progression in hockey. She is always enthusiastic and determined to learn and improve. Jaime is eager to perform well as a goal keeper; demonstrating good movement across the goal and deflects the ball with increasing power. She has impressed many games staff and should be proud of her performance this half term.

A. Whitelock

Amber continues to thrive in hockey and has excelled this half term.  She has an excellent work ethic and always puts her heart and soul into everything she does. When playing in competitive situations, Amber is determined and committed to winning the ball. She is always a valid member of the team!


Year 6

S. Thomas

This term, Scarlett has gone above and beyond to excel in hockey. When playing in the mixed ability tournaments, she has played consistently well every week and shown excellent determination to win the ball. Scarlett’s strong defending skills has meant her team has won many matches.

J. Han

JinEun has been extremely enthusiastic in hockey this half term. In matches, she has been determined and eager to outplay her opponents using sound attacking skills. JinEun now moves towards her attackers to make tackles and is eager to gain possession in matches. JinEun should be very proud of her performance this term. 


Year 7

L. Goodchild

Lucy has thrived this half term in games; demonstrating a love of sport and a fantastic willingness to exceed. She is always enthusiastic and motivated, supportive of her peers and keen to win. 

S. Parry

Shauna has made a wonderful impression on the games staff this half term. She has performed with flare and determination. Shauna carries the ball with control and is confident moving forward into tackles. Shauna has had a brilliant half term!


Year 8

L. Taylor

Libby has thoroughly enjoyed her hockey this term. Her confidence has grown and she is carrying the ball with control allowing her to score more goals. The games staff have been thrilled with her performances in matches and she is commended for her excellent approach to developing.

X. Radloff

Xanthe has excelled this half term and she continues to dominate on both the netball court and hockey pitch. She always performs to high standard and is an asset to any team.  Xanthe is very supportive of her peers and an excellent leader and role model!

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