Sponsored Swim

24th November 2020

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the sponsored swimathon last week. The children had 20 minutes to swim as many lengths as possible or down at Bevendean, as many widths as possible! The winners of each year group won 50 house points and a delicious large chocolate medal! In Year 8, J Gartside, L Bailey-Bain and J Myers swam 42 lengths in their 20 minutes. In Year 7 F Duetoft swam 55 lengths and in Year 6, W Courts swam an amazing 42 lengths. The Year 5 swimmers swam fantastically with I Bennett, S Farrell, C Reynolds and R Fewings all swimming 32 lengths! In year 4, R McDonald took the lead with 42 lengths, B Wilkins in Year 3 with 30 lengths and A Dale an incredible 25 lengths. Some of the teachers even braved the waters and swam their lengths for charity, Miss Glover the reigning champion did it again swimming 46 lengths in 20 minutes! At Bevendean RBD swam the most widths with 74 widths between C Reynolds, A Cader, S dos Santos, J Cole and E Mendy. In Year 1, 1JMJ A MacDougall, L Terry, S Howson, Z Johnson and A Rachkov swam 52 lengths between them. Well done to everyone who took part to raise money in aid of the school’s chosen charity Shine and The Children’s Trust.

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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