Year 2 House Football

12th October 2020

Year 2 sports reports by E Leckie and A Rattu

E Leckie, Boys games

This morning we had our games lesson, it was the house football matches, the Normans, Saxons, Vikings and Danes all played. There wasn’t a winner today because we all played so well, we drew, all 4 teams! I think I scored 2 goals and we all did our best at passing, making sure we were in a space and fast running to get the ball to our end’s goal. It was a really fun lesson even if there was a bit of rain. We are excited to start playing matches against other schools.

A Rattu, Girls Games

Today we played hockey in our games lesson. We practised some dribbling with the ball in groups of 3, practising our technique is important for when we start matches against other schools. I really like hockey and so do all my friends, we are very excited to play some netball as well, later on in the year.

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