Trips Day at the Main School

9th October 2020

Today the Main School enjoyed trips day! Despite the weather, the children and teachers put on their wellies and coats and headed out to a variety of wonderful places for the day.

Year 2 remained at school to partake in their Gruffalo activity day! They watched the Gruffalo, cinema-style, they went on a Gruffalo hunt, made some beautiful pine cone birds, and enjoyed some delicious Gruffalo cupcakes! The children had an amazing day.

The Year 3 children enjoyed an adventurous Egyptian day. They had some special guests in to visit and teach about the incredible history of Egyptians. In their humanities lessons they have been learning about society in ancient Egypt, Pharaohs, pyramids, Gods and Goddesses, mummification and Death. The children’s knowledge was tested and it was a great opportunity to bring to life their studies.

The Year 4 children went to High Ashurst in Box Hill. Some of the children took part in rock climbing whilst others enjoyed the high ropes course. The children’s bravery was put to the test and they all did an excellent job in completing the tasks. In the afternoon they took part in team-building exercises and some amazing woodland challenges.

Year 5 visited Walton Firs. Their teamwork skills were imperative for their day of challenges! They all did archery and some amazing shots were fired and they completed an assault course in teams. In the afternoon, in their groups, they attempted some team-building challenges, including a favored task using small bits of pipe and a tennis ball they had to manoeuvre across the field. Their communication skills were very important and they did excellently!

Year 6 travelled to Hardwick Park Farm for a day of Big Hat Bushcraft. The Year 6 pupils skill to survive in nature was tested today, they spent the day in the park partaking in a variety of outdoor tasks, they even managed to rustle up their own Spaghetti Bolognese! In the morning they were sent on a scavenger hunt to find 3 different sizes of wood to be used to light and build the fire, which they copped using axes. Once their fantastic fires were roaring, they were able to cook their lunch and later on make some delicious smores!

Year 7 travelled to Tilford in Farnham for an exciting day of outdoor activities. Their team building, communication skills and focus were challenged through an abundance of games, tasks and tests. The activity the children enjoyed the most was the tug of war and the rope task. They had to move a bottle of water using only ropes and no hands, the Year 7 pupils managed to wrap the rope around the bottle and once a star shape was created, using the same amount of pull from every angle, lift the bottle and move steadily to the finish line!

Year 8 visited Marwell Zoo. The children saw some amazing animals, including a very excited rhinoceros, lions, tigers and even a cub! It was a great day out of the classroom for all the children.