Spiders Get Crafty With Nature

1st October 2020

Mrs Rymer’s Transition class, the Spiders, set off for their morning fun with Mr Dormer at the Paddock in their paddock suits and wellies. Upon arrival the children headed straight to base camp to have a snack and a drink before their busy morning of activities. After a short reminder of the Paddock golden rules, they were given an exciting craft project. Each child was to decorate the outline of a face with eyes, ears, a mouth, hair, clothes and accessories using things they could find around the Paddock. As they set off on their scavenger hunt, Bella the Bevendean Beagle was a great help in hunting for acorns and sticks. The children found fallen leaves, conkers, twigs, acorns and bark to dress their ‘face’ with. Some amazing creations were made and the children had a wonderful time back at the Paddock.