Year 4 Get Digging!

28th September 2020

Year 4 visited Butser Ancient Farm for an exciting day of activities and history! They have been learning about the Romans and the Celts in their history lesson, how the Celts lived, their homes, hunting, cooking and daily habits and the Roman Empire and invasion. At the farm, the guides took the children into a Celtic roundhouse, to explore the wide open living space and how these amazing houses are constructed from the thatched roof to the daub walls. It was amazing for the children to see all of these elements they had learnt about in their lessons and to witness how they worked practically for people who lived there. The warm fire heated up the whole room on this sunny, but windy, day demonstrating how the Celts kept warm in the winter.

During the day the children tried jewellery making, twisting fine wire with plyers to create beautiful rings and earrings. They also had the opportunity for some archaeological excavation, where they discovered amazing artefacts such as bones, shells and tiled stones. The children had a brilliant day and learn some interesting new facts about their history topics!

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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