Girls’ Sporting Events

28th September 2020

On Wednesday, Year 8 girls took to the astroturf for their final House Hockey Competition at Danes Hill. The weather held off for the afternoon as the teams utilised the time before game 1 to practice their penalty corners as well as discuss tactics for the competition. With three of the houses fielding goalkeepers new to the position, it was a great opportunity for a number of the girls to try new skills within the games. In a fiercely competitive tournament, the girls competed brilliantly; executing some fantastic displays of individual skills. Well done to the Year 8 girls!

The results were as follows:

1st – Normans

2nd – Vikings

3rd – Saxons

4th – Danes

On Thursday, the Year 5 girls took part in their House Hockey Competition. It was the first time that the girls had played with goalkeepers and it was wonderful to see a number of girls trying out this new position. It was an extremely close tournament with both the Normans and the Saxons receiving equal top points. Due to the goal difference, the Normans took the House Hockey title and were crowns winners of the tournament. Well done to all of the girls for taking part!

The results were as follows:

1st- Normans

2nd- Saxons

3rd- Danes

4th- Vikings

The following girls also were selected by the captain of each house as players of the tournament.





On Friday, the Year 3 girls enjoyed their first ever House Hockey Tournament at Danes Hill. The girls demonstrated their individual stick skills that they have been learning in lessons. It was great to see the girls playing in a competitive situation and working as a team. We were extremely impressed with the level of hockey from this year group. Congratulations to all of the Year 3 girls!

The results were as follows:

1st- Normans

2nd- Danes

3rd- Saxons

4th- Vikings

The following girls received player of the tournament for their house.


N. Mavrona-Smith

M. Boheim

A. Shaw

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