House Cross Country Events

24th September 2020

The girls and boys in Years 2-8 have enjoyed taking part in their house cross country competitions in the last two weeks. The courses make full use of the wealth of our superb space that we have at Danes Hill. Both the girls and boys courses are on soft grass and includes the woodland trail by our adventure playground. The course also involves running up and down hills which is a true test of cross country running. Congratulations to all of the pupils for taking part in this event and well done for gaining valuable points towards your houses.

The results for each year are as follows:


Year 2 

Boys Individual Winner –E.Shaddick 

Girls Individual Winner-E.Tuck

Boys                              Girls

1st Vikings                     1st Vikings

2nd Saxons                    2nd Saxons

3rd Normans                  3rd Normans and Danes

4th Danes

Year 3

Boys Individual winner –M.Harvey 

Girls Individual winner-M.Boheim

Boys                             Girls

1st Normans                 1st Saxons

2nd Saxons                   2nd Normans

3rd Vikings                    3rd Vikings

4th Danes                     4th Danes


Year 4 

Boys Individual winner –N.Draycott 

Girls Individual winner-E.Morris

Boys                         Girls

1st Normans             1st Danes

2nd Danes                2nd Vikings

3rd Vikings               3rd Normans

4th Saxons               4th Saxons

Year 5

Boys Individual winner –N.Oosthuizen 

Girls Individual winner-M.Oosthuizen

Boys                    Girls

1st Normans       1st Normans

2nd Saxons         2nd Saxons

3rd Vikings          3rd Danes

4th Danes           4th Vikings



Year 6 

Boys Individual winner –D.Moore 

Girls Individual winner-P.Arnold-Roberts

Boys                       Girls

1st Vikings              1st Saxons

2nd Normans          2nd Normans

3rd Saxons             3rd Vikings

4th Danes               4th Danes

Year 7 

Boys Individual winner –M.Jarrett 

Girls Individual winner- A.Baker

Boys                        Girls

1st Vikings              1st Normans

2nd Saxons             2nd Saxons

3rd Normans           3rd Danes

4th Danes               4th Vikings

Year 8 

Boys Individual winner –A.Hunter

Girls Individual winner-C.Moore

Boys                   Girls

1st Danes          1st  Saxons

2nd Saxons        2nd Vikings

3rd Vikings         3rd Danes

4th Normans      4th Normans